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All donations go to supporting recycling education and clean up efforts in Sidney and Cheyenne County.

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Keep Sidney Beautiful Mission

Keep Sidney Beautiful works to reduce litter, recycle, and beautify our community. Through each one of these components we strive to work hard to make our community a better place. Each one of these missions is achieved through hard work, volunteering, and community involvement.  Education is significant to spreading awareness. Unfortunately, some people don’t fully…

Reduce Litter

The First Step to a Green Community: Reduce Litter From the Start

Keep Sidney Beautiful aims to reduce overall litter in our area through education, outreach, and community clean-up programs. We believe reducing our dependence on plastics and other materials is the most important step in creating a green community.

Increase Recycling

Minimizing our Impact and Strengthening Our Community

At Keep Sidney Beautiful, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts to promote recycling! Recycling centers not only bring jobs to the area, but create a stream of funding for small cities and towns. By partnering with area Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)and the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE), we can not only keep our county beautiful, but also help our economy to grow.

Beautify Our Community

Western Nebraska is a Clean, Green, and Beautiful Place To Live!

Part of Keep Sidney Beautiful’s mission is to create programs that beautify our communities. We encourage people to take action and be part of the change.

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Keep Sidney Beautiful
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