Tire Disposal Days – 2021

Brought to you by: Keep Sidney Beautiful, the City of Sidney, and the Nebraska Department of Environment & Energy

Date and Time

**WEATHER NOTICE** Due to moisture the ground may be extremely soft. The Sidney Landfill staff will not tow stuck vehicles.

Tire Disposal Days will take place from March 22 thru March 27 at the Sidney Landfill during normal operating hours. (7am -4pm M-F and 8am-12pm Saturday March 27). Tire drop off is open to Cheyenne County Residents beginning on Monday, March 22. Other county residents (Deuel, Morrill, Kimball, Garden) can bring tires Thursday March 25 – Saturday March 27.

Keep Sidney Beautiful will be on KSID Radio, March 10th, to talk more about Tire Disposal Days, and again on March 24 for a “mid-week update.”

Please Note: We understand that it has been awhile since Tire Day has come to Cheyenne County and tires have been piling up, and so we ask that anyone who has really large loads of tires please split them up during the week to allow others room to dispose of some tires as well. There’s a whole week to dispose of tires, so feel free to call ahead to check availability and traffic conditions.

Rules & Restrictions

  1. All normal landfill rules are in place
  2. A valid ID is required to drop off tires
  3. KSB will need to collect names, addresses, and phone numbers of participants
  4. No Tire Dealers or any businesses that accept tire disposal fees (other businesses are ok!)
  5. Participants must unload their own tires and you must have a tire count upon arrival
  6. Tire collection ends once we hit 500 tons
  7. No tires on rims will be accepted
  8. Keep Sidney Beautiful and the Sidney of City have the right to place limitations on loads to ensure we are able to reach as many community members as possible.

How Much Do My Tires Weigh?

Lawn Mower  ≈  5-10lbs
Passenger Car  ≈ 20lbs
Truck/SUV  ≈ 35lbs+
RV/Motorhome  ≈  70lbs
Commercial Trunk  ≈  100lbs+
Tractor Tires  ≈  450lbs+

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