Plastics Recycling in Sidney

#1 Plastics

Use the sliders on the images to the left (to the left..) to learn more about what can be recycled here in Sidney now that we are able to expand the recycling options! In order to make this program successful, we need citizens using the recycling bins, to help as much as possible by only depositing accepted materials, rinsing and crushing containers, and by keeping film plastics, such as plastic, plastic wrap, food storage bags, protective wrap plastics out of the bins. These types of plastics jam up our machinery and can bring the whole process to a halt! We are working on a program to deal with these types of plastics. You can find out more information about that by visiting:

#2 Plastics

We also ask that you double check your recyclables to make sure they are STAMPED with the recycling emblem. Just because it’s made out of plastic, it doesn’t mean it can be recycled! Plastic has a wide range of textures, dyes, and densities within each category and this can affect it’s ability to be recycled. Construction materials are not accepted in the recycling bins. Materials such as PVC pipes may be recyclable, but it’s too strong for the machinery to handle and can damage or even disable the landfill equipment.

#3 Plastics

Some items that are never accepted:
PVC Pipe
PEX Pipe
Foam Insulation
Foam to-go containers
Electronics Cases
Cassette Tapes
Nylon ropes, and other plastic fibers
Anything that doesn’t fit into the bins!

#4 Plastics

What about the lids?
Many plastic manufacturers have reformulated the lids on containers so they are recyclable too! In fact, it’s better to put the lid back on the container after rinsing to prevent the lid from getting lost or falling out of the bale of plastics!

OF COURSE, there’s exceptions to EVERY rule! So if you’re unsure, look for the stamp on the lid. Some products will have the recycling emblems printed somewhere on the label, so check there too!

#5 Plastics

Steps you can take to ensure success of the program:
1) Be sure to sort out non-recyclables. All the film plastics, bags, and anything that is not labeled for recycling.
2) Rinse and Crush! Food and product waste reduces the quality of our recyclable materials and increases weight and shipping costs. Help keep our recycling system clean and free of contamination! Then crush your plastics down so the bins don’t fill up as quick!
3) When in doubt, reach out! Contact KSB or the Sidney Landfill if you’re unsure!

#6 Plastics

Reducing your dependence on plastic is the best step!
I know it’s hard to avoid plastic when it seems like everything we buy is made out of or wrapped in plastic and many ‘eco-friendly’ products are less financially accessible to many. But, every small step helps, and anyway you can avoid single use plastics is far more important than recycling the plastics you buy. Even choosing a brand that uses less plastic, or a more easily recyclable material such as plastic #1 or #2 makes a difference!

#7 Plastics

What Else? What’s Next?
KSB is well aware of the many issues facing our recycling system, from bins filling up, to accessibility, the need for more locations, and many others. This is just one of many steps we are taking and constantly working on to improve recycling for everyone. One of the biggest road blocks right now is staffing. But we’re working on that too! One other immediate step we’re looking towards is replacing the cardboard bins at Safeway, and the introduction of the Hefty Energy Bag Program.
Feel free to reach out to KSB with any questions or comments!

Our First Clean-Up of the Year!

Help Keep Sidney Beautiful Clean up Cheyenne County by joining us at the Bomgar’s Parking Lot, Saturday April 17, at 8:00am. Keep Sidney Beautiful will be providing gloves, trash bags, grabbers, and safety vests (thanks to the City of Sidney!), and all you need to bring is yourself! Chef Ivory of the Pit Smokehouse BBQ will be running breakfast specials starting at 8:30am

We will meet regardless of weather, unless dangerous conditions occur.

Click here to sign up and fill out the volunteer waiver!

When you arrive, please park in the truck parking along the fence to save the good spots for paying customers. We really appreciate Bomgaar’s letting us use their lot to meet!